Say Hello to Harry!

Harry the Harbormaster

Name: Harry
Profession: Harbormaster
Interests: Hamsters, Hang gliding, Harmonizing, Helicopters
Favorite Foods: Honey-glazed Ham, Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Hummus, Havarti
Personality: Happy to Help

Thanks for helping me breathe life into Harry! 

Harry is the newest member of my alphabet plush toy knitting patterns collection.  I think everyone had a good time choosing his personality traits. 69% of voters wanted “H” to be a guy, with 27% choosing the name Harry. Humphrey was a close second with 22% of the votes. Other “write-in” names included: Hayden, Hustleberry and Hank.

The profession of Harbormaster was elected with 21% of the votes, followed by Handyman (18%) and Harpist (16%). I always love the suggestions as well!…Horologist, Hangman, Hydraulic engineer, and…are you ready?…Harbinger of Doooooooooooooom! : )

Your food suggestions were excellent–hummus, havarti, halwah, hard rolls, and hamburgers. I used most of them!

Again, thank you so much and HAPPY KNITTING!



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