Say Goodbye to Winter Knitting Projects…by Finishing Them!

I’m back!!  (umm…you were gone?)  Yes, I had to take a break from designing and knitting Alphabet People.  I’m now back in the saddle and working on the letter Z.  After that, only three more to go — Q, U and X!  And after that?  I’ll compile all of the patterns into one book for folks who have been waiting for the entire collection.  *whew – busy, busy, busy!* I love my little letter-children very much, but I had to step away for a few weeks.

Zillions of Dandelion Petals

I planted some flowers, thinned out my strawberry bed, got a couple batches of dandelion wine started…the usual spring things that say “so long” to old man winter.

My Favorite Colors!

I also like to say goodbye to winter by finishing up winter knitting projects.  So, although I took a break, I certainly didn’t stop knitting!  I finished several scarves I’d been working on during the snowy winter months.

Here’s one of them…the ends are knitted using the “banded snakes” cable stitch from Vogue Knitting’s Stitchionary 2.

Banded Snakes

Then I completed the center using stockinette stitch, knitting stripes and switching colors whenever I felt like it.

Ella Rae "Kasbah"

I discovered the yarn at one of my local yarn shops, The Kit Nit, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  It’s a wrapped Italian 59% cotton/41% acrylic blend – Ella Rae “Kasbah” — with beautiful color changes and a wonderful texture.  I liked it so much I went back and bought more, in shades of brown/tan/beige and orange/rust/gold.  I really like how they’ve color-coordinated them.  When you look at the scarf, notice the highlights of electric blue in the green and vice versa.  Love it!

What winter knitting projects do you have to finish?

Happy Knitting!




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2 responses to “Say Goodbye to Winter Knitting Projects…by Finishing Them!

  1. garrie

    Wow. That blue scarf you did with the “banded snakes” pattern is gorgeous! Great job!

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