Happy Knitting in 2011

It’s a new year! And a new year bring new things. In my case, my first ever knitting pattern book. You know, the one I’ve been blabbing about for the past, oh, say six months?

“The Secret Lives of Letters: 26 easy-to-knit Alphabet Plush Toy Knitting Patterns” is in the final proofing stage. I’m so excited! My graphic artist has done a fabulous job with the design and layout. Here’s a sneak peek at the cover…

Coming soon!

All 26 alphabet plushies are included in the book, as well as six soap-opera style stories that give knitters a sneak peek into their secrets. It’s colorful, it’s fun…it’s everything I wanted it to be. I’m ever so happy!

It should be available in about a week or so. I’ll be sounding trumpets from the rooftops when it’s ready, so you’ll be sure to know about it.

Happy Knitting in 2011! Have you made any knitting resolutions or goals for the year?




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2 responses to “Happy Knitting in 2011

  1. Chris

    Was just wondering, will the book be available on your site or on a book store site (ie amazon). I want to make sure I get one of these. I love these patterns. You difinitely hit a market in the knitting world.

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