Loopy for Lopapeysa


Photo courtesy of Iceland Tourism since I couldn't find my disk of photos


I absolutely LOVE Iceland and everything about it. I visited there several years ago and am dying to go back…maybe next year! But for now I’ll settle for knitting a classic Icelandic sweater, my very own lopapeysa.

Knitting Iceland's Óðinn Lopapeysa

I’ve been reading about these beautiful sweaters and drooling over the incredible patterns. Then to totally set me off, I stumbled across Franklin Habit’s account of his recent visit to Iceland. The fever has struck! I must have my own lopapeysa!  

Unfortunately, though, I have a bit of a wool allergy depending on how raw the wool is. So I’ll wait to invest in the Lopi wool until I’ve had a chance to get a sample and try working with it. In the meantime, I’ll make one out of a soft-spun wool that I picked up at one of my favorite local yarn shops, The Kitschy Stitch, in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. I was just there this past weekend. When I wasn’t knitting at the ocean’s edge, I was pawing through their lovely mountains of yarns, selecting colors for my new sweater. 

Cascade Soft Spun & 220 Heathers

What do you think of these colors? Yellow for the main color, the blue and rust for the yoke. I’ll be using the lovely Óðinn pattern from Knitting Iceland (see photo above).  If you go to their site, you can get the pattern, order authentic Icelandic yarn and even get a DVD to help you through the knitting process.

Okay, enough blogging…I have yarn to wrap and some casting-on to do!

Happy Knitting!



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