Knitting for the Big Top?

Cascade yarns

I’m part way through knitting my lopapeysa sweater! It’s a lovely knitting pattern, easy to follow and fun to knit, but I’m not sure I like the yarn color combination I chose.

The zigzag stripe is navy blue.

It’s kind of like Charlie Brown joined the circus. Not typical colors, but I was trying to do something totally different. And that it certainly is…different!

Although the knitting pattern would have me repeat the edging color (orange) at the neck, I think I’ll substitute yellow in its place to try to keep the clown factor to a minimum.

I think I would’ve been happier making the main yarn color blue, with yellow and orange accents. Perhaps once I’ve finished knitting the yoke, the beauty of this sweater will reveal itself to me. If not, I’ll have a lovingly hand-made  Christmas gift for the person who irritated me most over the past year. : )

The birth of a sleeve…

I’ve ordered a sample of REAL Icelandic wool to try, and hopefully will be able to make a more traditionally-colored lopapeysa sweater in the near future.

Happy Knitting!



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