The Knoodler

My name’s Dani and I’m a writer and ex-film/video producer. I’m addicted to knitting, but am never happy just following a pattern. I always feel a need to do my own thing with it — to “knoodle” it. So that’s what I encourage everyone to do!

These Alphabet People were born from an illicit affair between my knitting and my writing. The two got together one sultry evening and in no time at all, the first love-child André arrived. Shortly afterwards, his sister Babette bounced onto the scene. And the beat goes on. You can check out my knitting designs at Ravelry.

I’m so excited that knitters all over the world–including Australia, England, Scotland, Canada and the USA–are starting their own broods of Alphabet People. My Paco has a sister in Scotland now named Poppy!

With the Alphabet People, it’s all about letting your creativity loose. Select your own colors and yarn textures. Change the hair style or expression. Add an extra set of arms to create a space alien. Create an attitude, an emotion, a personality. Have fun!!


10 responses to “The Knoodler

  1. Isabelle

    I do love your Alphabet People !

  2. Robbie K

    I would love to see your creations made into a children’s book. I’m not a knitter but I do like reading interesting stories. I can’t wait to see what develops in the next installment of ‘The Secret Lives of Letter’.

  3. I saw one of your Alphabet characters on the front page of etsy & had to check it out. I love your creations – makes me wish I was a knitter! I checked your blog out and smiled because I do something similar (write stories about the characters that ‘run’ my shop.) Love your alphabet creations. Very cute.
    Take care!

  4. Zainab

    I’m eagerly awaiting your Zed. Hoping she’ll be female, and named Zenobia.

  5. Cindi

    I’m so in love with these things!!! Are you getting them together to put in book form? There is such a lack of “cute” knitted toys/whimsical things. Crochet even gets credited for most of the amigurumi, love that you and mochimochi are working on these for us.

    • Thank you!!! I’m so glad you like the Alphabet People! Yes, I’m working on putting the pattern book together right now, with a goal of completing it by the beginning of September. Have you seen Donna Wilson’s “Odd Bods”?…those are some of my favorite knitted creatures!

  6. Iris Lamb

    I am in the process of knitting the name of my new grandson to be with your fun letters. Yes, I agree with everyone else, the patterns for the letters are easy to follow. Any suggestions as to how to join them and hang the name on a wall?

    • Hi Iris! You could knit arms for the letters (instructions included in the book) and then join their hands together with a few stitches to form a chain of letters. Or, some of my customers have sewn a long ribbon across the backs of the letters, so they are all suspended in a row to spell out a name. Then they just tacked the ends of the ribbon on the wall to display the name. Let me know if you come up with any new ideas! 🙂

  7. Steve Perreault

    Hi –

    I have a couple of hand-made sweaters that I love but are just much to long for me. They were purchased overseas and can’t be returned/exchanged. I found your blog online and was wondering if you know of any service that could shorten them for me. I live in the SF Bay Area.


    • Hi Steve! I’d suggest going to your local yarn shop (an independent yarn shop that offers classes, not a chain store that sells crafts and yarns) and inquiring there. They should know someone who can do the alterations for you. If no luck there, try a local knitting guild. You should be able to find either of these for your area with an online search. Best of luck!


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