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The Secret Lives of Letters #2: Dolly’s Dilemma

“I just don’t know what to do,” Dolly declared, dawdling over her doughnut at the diner.

Dolly the Dog Trainer

“Follow your heart,” said Fran, stuffing a fistful of fries in her face.

Firefighting Fran

She was famished. She’d just flown in from Florida where she’d been fighting fires.

“Easy for you to say. You already have a great guy and your dream job!”

Fran frowned. She had fulfilled her fantasy of being the first female firefighter in their small town. And her fiancé was fantastic.

Totally Ripped Rodney

Rodney was not only ripped, but also held a responsible job as a radiologist and made a righteous ravioli. But sometimes Fran missed her freedom.

“Are you listening?” demanded Dolly.

“Yes, of course I’m listening.” Fran was fast becoming fatigued.

But Dolly’s energy didn’t diminish. She droned on. Her dog training business was doing well, but she dreamed of doing something different. She debated whether she should dump Andre and move to Delaware. André was an airhead, but what do you expect from an actor, and his roommate Carl was kind of creepy…

Fran began to fantasize. She’d always been attracted to André.

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The Secret Lives of Letters

Carl could barely concentrate while consolidating his coin collection.

Carl the Coin Collecting Custodian

As he carefully considered the consequences of continuing to collect even more coins—the colossal cabinetry in which he cached them was chock full—his mind once again careened off-course to another corner of his consciousness.

Dolly. Deliciously delightful Dolly.

Deliciously Delightful Dolly

She was a demanding dame, no doubt about it. But Carl craved her caress even more than he coveted uncirculated coins. He took a cursory glace at the caricature he’d cranked out the night before. It lay half-concealed under the corner of a copious pile of coins. He carefully slid the caricature into view and cringed. He had smudged the charcoal used to capture Dolly’s characteristics. But he could still clearly see her curves, her curls, her coquettish countenance.

André the Actor

His roommate André suddenly ambled into the apartment, all awash in the afterglow of the acting audition he’d attended that afternoon.

“I kicked a**!” he announced.

Carl quickly tried to conceal Dolly’s caricature. He didn’t dare let André see the drawing.

You see, André and Dolly were dating.

To be continued…

Patterns for Carl, Dolly and André are available at The Knit Knoodler.


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