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NEW Number Plush Toy Patterns

Only 14 days until Christmas!

14 days photo

I’m counting down with my new set of knitted numbers when I’m not baking cookies and decorating the house. My fave cookies that I made this year were the Lemon-Pistachio Wreaths from the Martha Stewart site. It’s a cut-out cookie, so there’s a little work involved. But they are soooooooooo delicious, it’s well worth the effort!

I’m also busy knitting scarves for gifts–one lacy and one chunky. I’m so pleased at how nice the lace one is coming along! But I had to force myself to take a break from that to let you know that my newest collection of knitting patterns is now available. A pdf pattern book of 10 plushies — numbers zero through nine.

Plush Numbers_final-cover

Notice how the stripes match the numbers? And how the stripes on the odd numbers are a different color from the evens?

I designed these with learning in mind. Like my alphabet plushies, these are knitted as two flat pieces, then stitched together and stuffed. The finished numbers are about 6 inches tall using recommended materials. They make great stocking stuffers! Available as an instant download through Ravelry.


Whether you’re busy knitting gifts, or kicking back with a cup of cocoa, ENJOY THE SEASON! Keep it simple. Keep it calm. Here’s a great, super-simple Christmas decorating tip:

Wrapping paper makes a plain battery-powered candle festive!

I wanted to jazz up my bathroom shelf for the holidays. So I added a battery candle. *Yawn* Even with a sprig of green behind it, it looked blah.  So I taped a piece of colorful wrapping paper around the base of the candle (only do this with a battery-powered candle!). Ta-da!…instant festive look!

Happy Knitting and best wishes for the Holiday Season!



“The Knit Knoodler”


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Shemika & Harry?...who knew?

Shemika & Harry?…who knew?


One of my customers had the clever idea of knitting the initials of her son and his betrothed as a wedding gift. But she wanted an ampersand. You know, one of these — & — so she could join the initials together in a loving way. So, at her request, I’ve designed one and it’s now available on Ravelry.

One, two, buckle my shoe. Three, four, shut the door. After receiving many requests, I’ve been working diligently (okay, maybe semi-diligently…there are so many distractions in the summer) creating patterns for number plushies. Yes!…a set of patterns for number plushies will be available before the year is out.

Happy Knitting!


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Happy Halloween Knitting

I just HAD to share this with you…

I love, love, love these cute little pumpkin knits by Jenny Pie Productions!

Handknitted by Jenny Pie Productions

I get tons of emails from people who don’t knit, asking for finished plushies.  If that’s you…or if you’re too swamped with other knitted projects to take on one more…visit Jenny Pie Productions’ Etsy shop and pick up your own adorable “BOO” to decorate your home.  Better hurry…it’s a one-woman operation and she only has a few available

PS – Rumor has it Jenny Pie Productions might have other adorable Halloween plushies in the works!!  ; )  So be sure to check back with her in a few weeks…


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The Plushies are off to School!

Kitnit Fine Yarns – knitting for charity!

The knitting gang at Kitnit Fine Yarns in Lancaster, PA have knitted the entire plushy alphabet from my book, “The Secret Lives of Letters” as a charity project.

Finished alphabet plushies…

They chose a wonderful variety of colors and did some fun creative things!

…waiting to go off to school!

Their full collection of  alphabet plushies will be donated to an elementary school in Lancaster.  Isn’t that sweet?

If your knitting group has plans to knit the entire alphabet or do a charity project with them, please let me know!  I’d love to feature your finished stuffed alphabet people and your story on my blog.

Notice those teeth on the R! So cute!

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Come Visit Me at Kitnit Fine Yarns!

Who?    The Knit Knoodler (that’s me!) and her gang of alphabet plushies.

Xavier is x-cited!!

What?    A reception and book signing event. Stop in to meet the plushies in person and browse some fabulous yarns!

Kitnit Fine Yarns

713 Olde Hickory Road
Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 569-3951



Saturday, April 2
12 noon – 3:00 p.m.

1. Why not?…It’ll be FUN!
2. We can meet in person and chat a bit.
3. My book will be available at a juicy discount.
4. I can sign the book for you while we chat.
5. You can browse all the gorgeous, new specialty yarns that just arrived.
6. There will be refreshments…yum!


Sounds like a great day out to me! Looking forward to relaxing in a lovely yarn shop and meeting people who are as crazy about knitting as I am.

I hope to see you there!



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Unveiling “The Secret Lives of Letters”

My new knitting book is finally available…all 26 alphabet patterns in one colorful, fun knitting book!

Cover design by Lee Mundy 2011

Is Dolly too demanding?

What’s Harry hiding from Monica?

Is Carl really all that creepy?

Peek into the “Secret Lives of Letters” while creating your own unique plushies! 

Peppered among the 26 patterns in this full-color knitting book are 6 soap-opera style stories that chronicle the ups and downs of the abc‘s.  I had so much fun writing them!  The book also includes tips on how to stuff your plushies (so they look great), as well as the usual stitch reference guide.

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to have the whole family of alphabet plushies gathered together in one book!  : )  If you haven’t seen them yet,  take a look at the bios to the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Creating my first book was certainly a learning experience.  It was fun, but it was also a lot of hard work.  It took months of planning and organizing, and lots and lots and lots of proofreading and editing.  Some sharp-eyed friends — a writer and a knitter — worked with me on the latter.   And fortunately, I happen to know an extremely talented graphic designer, Lee Mundy.  She created the look and layout of the entire book, based on the colors of my completed alphabet plushies.  I absolutely LOVE what she’s done!  I’m proud as a peacock to put this book out there in the world so we can continue to populate the earth with alphabet plushies.

Now for some info on how to lay your hands on a copy…..

DISCOUNT ALERT!  Folks who purchased individual alphabet people patterns from me prior to January 18th, 2011 are eligible for a discount on the book.  If you fall into this category, please contact me at TheKnitKnoodler@gmail.com before purchasing so we can arrange your discount.  This offer is good through the end of February 2011.

Otherwise, if you’d like to order an electronic copy, please visit my Ravelry page  or you can get a paperback copy from Amazon.

I promise my next post won’t be a sales pitch!  : )  I’ll be giving you ideas for low-cost upcycled/recycled/homemade knitting accessories.  Until then…

Happy Knitting!!


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“Q” Has Joined the Queue

The alphabet plushies are finally complete!! 

A huge fan of Quesadillas!

Quintessa, our letter Q, has finally decided to join the Queue of Alphabet People knitting patterns.  She’s Quite a lovely lady, Quiet and Quizzical.  When she isn’t contemplating Quantum physics, you can find her playing Quoits or doing some Quilting

Click on her bio link to read more about her…—>

I’ve been getting requests for the entire collection of alphabet plush toy knitting patterns—from mothers and grandmas with lots of kids’ names to knit, teachers who want to make the entire alphabet for their classrooms, and folks who just want to knit letters for their adult friends.  So, guess what that means?…yes!…now it’s time to compile the patterns into an alphabet knitting patterns bookSubscribe to this blog, and you’ll be one of the first to be notified when it’s available! 

A couple of people have asked if I’m going to create numbers and punctuation.  What are your thoughts?  Do you want knitting patterns for numbers and punctuation?

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